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Heavy virtuous - only knowledge - growth

       Uphold the concept of "heavy moral only talent, knowledge and growth", create a "work with security, learning to have a chance, develop a path, rise have a channel, life is happy" environment, through "value guidance, knowledge, organizational strengthening" to create a sense of mission, responsibility, creativity "Excellent talent team to achieve the company's strategic objectives.

Heavy virtue

      Those who are virtuous are handsome and the foundation of industry. Barbara pays attention to honesty and moral character.

Only talent

       Only by means of talent is the use of people and the best of people. Babale is an excellent talent that can create value, promote progress and improve efficiency as a valuable asset for enterprise development. Through the process of selecting, using, cultivating and retaining talents, the appropriate people can be allocated to suitable posts, and the potential and wisdom of talents can be excavated and exploited. Provide excellent development space and career platform for outstanding talents.

Travel knowledge

      Beg for the reason of all things, to know with respect to the smell. In short, knowing is to get real knowledge through practice. Babale pays attention to the training and training of employees in the actual work, through skills training, work experience, value molding, cultural inheritance and other ways, leading employees to find "true knowledge of value creation, spiritual sublimation and self transcendence" in "line". Knowledge is one, wisdom is good.

Grow up

      Staff and company grow together is babale's talent development concept. We have built up a promotion mechanism of "developing path and increasing channel", and set up a multi dimension staff growth platform, which covers management, technology and marketing. To create value, to experience happiness in work, to feel happiness in life, to achieve the dream of life from excellence to excellence.

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