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Babale's communication and study in Yangon, Burma

Release date:2018-06-05 11:49:06

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      On the afternoon of June 4th, Mr. Qiu Chunqing, the chairman of the company, and MS. Wu Meilan, vice president of the company, went to Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, with an investigation group of the Hainan provincial commerce department to participate in the Symposium on friendship and cooperation between China and the Burmese. Mr. Wu Sheng Wen Aang, President of the Myanmar Friendship Association, a senior diplomat in Burma, once served as the ambassador of Burma to China, Laos and Mongolia. He said that the friendship between China and China has a long history. We should make full use of the opportunities to build the "one way" and other opportunities in Burmese to promote the two countries to deepen their cooperation and build a good friendship between the two countries. Come on. When it was learned that Barbara coconut juice was sold in the Burma market, Mr. President was very pleased. After the meeting, Ms. Wu Meilan presented balbara to Wu Sheng, on behalf of Barbara food, to the solid drink produced by Barbara.

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