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Babale pleased to sign an order for 23 million yuan, second Hainan special products procurement conference.

Release date:2018-05-21 13:37:52

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May 20th, 2018 (second session) Hainan famous and excellent products procurement Conference (hereinafter referred to as "Hai Hui Hui") was successfully concluded at Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

       The theme of this sea shopping meeting is "POLYFLOW link and integration development", which aims to build a supply chain cooperation platform integrating procurement, supply, logistics, finance, insurance and other enterprises, and push the famous products in Hainan to the national market. Sponsored by the Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Tourism Commission, the agriculture department, the marine and Fisheries Department, the industrial and commercial bureau and other departments and the people's Government of the city, county and Autonomous County co - operate. 


       During the period of the sea purchase, Hainan babale food Limited by Share Ltd succeeded with four outstanding purchasers, such as CNPC Kunlun hospitality Co., Sinopec easy Sales Co., Ltd., Carrefour (China) Management Consultancy Service Co., Ltd. Guangzhou branch, Guangdong crystal East Trade Co., Ltd. (Jingdong general) And successfully signed an order of 23 million yuan.

(Peng Jinhui, vice governor of the Hainan Provincial People's Government (right two), deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce Wang Bin (right one) and other leaders visited the new product exhibition area.

(new product promotion of Hainan famous and excellent products) - babale brown sugar ginger tea)

(manager Wang of the sales department introduced the new product black sugar ginger tea to all the excellent buyers in the country).

(babale likes to sign an order of 23 million yuan)

      It is reported that there are 36 domestic large retail enterprise purchasers, 295 provincial famous products suppliers, 16 provincial financial insurance and 14 provincial logistics enterprises.

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