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     Hainan Babale Food Co., Ltd. is a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Hainan Province integrating R&D, production and sales. It is a national green food certification enterprise and has won many gold awards. It is a healthy beverage guide with Chinese tropical elements and brand operators. 

     Founded in 2010, the company has always been firmly convinced that it is the best choice for consumers to enjoy the authentic taste of tropical juices by ensuring fresh and healthy sources, providing comrade-in-arms services and resolutely eliminating high-quality products. After years of market cultivation and brand operation, “Babale” brand vegetable protein beverages “raw coconut juice, vitamin energy drinks, solid beverages” and other products have become a favorite new generation of home banquets with their unique taste and health effects. It is a must-have for leisure travel, and has a high market share and brand reputation in the national vegetable protein beverage industry. 

     At the beginning of its establishment, the company was positioned as a tropical fruit and vegetable beverage manufacturer, focusing on the development and sales of healthy tropical fruit and vegetable beverages. To this end, the company adopted a brand management strategy, based on Hainan Island, radiating the surrounding provinces, cultivating and promoting the concept of green healthy beverages, investing huge manpower and material resources to do market cultivation, and achieve rapid growth for several consecutive years. The modern production base is located in the Haikou Integrated Duty Free Zone, Hainan Free Trade Island , the "bridgehead" of China's integration with the international market , enjoys flexible and preferential opening policies and will take the “The Belt and Road Initiative” express train to better communicate and cooperate with national and regional food and beverage system, and strive to make Babale a renowned “Chinese brand”. Facing the future, Babale Food aims to brand a new type of enterprise that integrating food production, sales and tourism in the new era! Insisting the concept of "green health" , we continue to provide customers with high-quality and healthy products, and strive to make "Babale" a well-known brand at home and abroad.

Enterprise achievements


1、2013-2015, awarded the key leading corporation of agricultural industrialization in Hainan

2、In 2014, nominated the member of the Food Safety Association

3、In 2014, awarded the China's 3.15 Consumer Trustworthy Products

4、In 2014, awarded the China Brand-name and quality products

5、In 2015, awarded the "Gold Award" at the 13th China International Agricultural Products Fair

6、In 2015, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification

7、2015-2017, awarded the key leading corporation of agricultural industrialization in Hainan

8、2015-2016, CCTV (China Central Television, the predominant state television broadcaster in China) advertising brand.

9、In 2016, passed the Green Food Certification Company

10、In 2016, the listed enterprise of Hainan Equity Exchange Center

11、In 2016, the Hainan Brand-Name Agricultural Products

12、In 2017, named the Food Safety& Integrity Demonstration Unit

13、In 2017, awarded the "Gold Award" at the 15th China International Agricultural Products Fair

14、In 2017, awarded the "Gold Award" of the 18th China Green Food Expo

15、In 2017, awarded the "Gold Award" for the products exhibited by the China Brand-Name Agricultural Products and Industrialization Fair.

16、In 2017, nominated the Vice President Unit of Hainan Private Entrepreneurs Association

17、In 2018, passed HACCP system certification

18、In 2018, named the outstanding food ingredients exhibitor of the 2nd Boao International Gourmet Culture Forum

19、In 2018, named it was rated as the ten leading force in Hainan's science and technology industry.

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